About NATG

The Network of Australian Teachers of German (NATG) was founded in July 2002 to facilitate networking at a national level between states and territories in Australia. Representatives from states and territories meet annually through the support of the Goethe-Institut. A Secretary of the NATG is appointed each year to facilitate the planning of the next NATG meeting.

The NATG determines who manages digital communication channels.

Please direct correspondence to the NATG via email: [email protected].

NATG Statement of Purpose

The Network of Australian Teachers of German aims to-

  • promote the teaching and learning of German in Australia;
  • promote networking between teachers of German within states and territories;
  • represent and support teachers of German on matters of common interest and concern;
  • cooperate with state, national and international organisations supporting German and Languages education.


AusDaF is the official website of the NATG and is a registered domain name through the AGTV Inc.

Collaboration with Goethe-Institut

The NATG is endorsed by the Goethe-Institut. The Goethe-Institut supports annual NATG meetings, offers a range of national and international projects and initiatives, and supports selected projects within states and territories.

The Goethe-Institut supported the development and maintenance of the original AusDaF website,  and continues to support the national teachers’ journal SZENE and a national email network. The NATG is grateful for the contribution towards the development of the new website in 2020.


Since May 1981, the German teachers’ journal SZENE has been sent to subscribers across Australia. From 2003, it has been promoted as a national publication supported by the NATG and the Goethe-Institut with reports and information from states and territories. SZENE promotes the sharing of ideas and resources between teachers across Australia.

The AGTV and SAGTA include SZENE in their memberships. Subscriptions to SZENE for individuals and libraries are available.

Currently, only one edition of SZENE is published in Semester 1. Contributions to SZENE are welcome at any time via: [email protected]


The Twitter handle for the NATG is @NATG95796897